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Osram BATTERYcharge 901 6V/12V 1A

  • 399 SEK
I lager.
Artikelnummer: 619

Smart batteriladdning och underhåll med laddningscykel i flera steg

The OSRAM BATTERYcharge 901 is a 1A smart charger and battery maintainer for 6V and 12V vehicles including motorbikes and most smaller vehicles. 7 stage charging cycle at the touch of a button for Lithium batteries with only a 9-stage cycle of Lead Acid/AGM batteries. Connect and be sure that the battery charger is charging and maintaining your vehicle battery as it automatically adjusts to long-term maintenance mode when battery is full. Includes a digital display to make the charging process easier and a host of safety features including reverse polarity and short-circuit protection. In addition, OSRAM provides a 2-year guarantee on this product*